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Robot on Timegate Symbiosis compilation

One of the very first Datacult tracks has been released on the Timegate Symbiosis compilation! Together with Beat Bizarre, Man Machine, Zen Mechanics and other real Psytrance heros. Don't miss it!

Listen to the compilation at Beatport and share it on Soundcloud

Transform beer to drums - a sounddesign tutorial

Sometimes people ask "What is the best synth for this or that?". The answer is: Beer! I couldn't resist and just had to record a video on how to transform some old beer cans into a kick, a bass, hi-hats and percussion...

Alice im Wummerland Podcast featuring Datacult

Alice im Wummerland just released their latest Podcast featuring Datacult. The Podcast includes all my latest releases and some upcoming stuff as well. Progressive rocks!

Villa Violet remix contest - Win a Roland TB-3 and a Dune 2 license

Contribute your own interpretation of the Villa Violet album tunes to win prizes from Roland Germany, Synapse Audio and Geomagnetic and get your remix heard & released worldwide!

Choose a tune, grab the remix kit and start working!

Prize: 1st winner receives a Roland TR-3 bassline synthesizer (worth 349 Euro). 2nd winds a Synapse Audio Dune 2 license (worth 177 Euro). Places 3 and 4 receive a copy of the mastered track and get promoted as part of the remix EP which will be released worldwide. All winners receive a CD of the Villa Violet album.

Kind Vibrations compilation featuring Frozen Ant out now

My Frozen Ant Trip-Hop debut release is out on Section Records: Kind Vibrations - compiled by Gnomes of Kush. A pleasure to listen to the whole compilation. A 12 track compilation of Chill Out, Dub, Lounge and Ambient music. Featuring songs from Gus Till, Kaya Project, Sufi's Life, Torma in dub, IshDub, displacer, Mark Trance and more.

Catch it on Bandcamp

Dangerous Drums now MPC-ready

11.06.2015 Dangerous Drums now MPC-ready Just updated my Dangerous Drums pack, which now includes support for the full range of modern Akai MPC models! That is: MPC 500, 1000, 2500, 5000, Rennaissance, Studio and Elements.

Plus the open SFZ format was added, including a soundbank for Beat Zampler. All on top of the existing patches for Maschine 2, Maschine Studio, Kontakt, Battery, Geist and Abletons Drumrack *phew* Any drummer missing?

Get the 20 kits here (there's also a free pack)

Not for girls: Itís Dangerous Drums - Drumkits for your sampler

This is for the filthy stuff: Dubstep, Breaks, Dark Techno, Electro, EDM, Hardstyle, Drum & Bass, Hardcore, Gabber and all your tunes that need really BIG DRUMS! The samples were recorded from acoustic kits, morphed with synthetic drums and mangled through tubes, diodes and all kind of dirty gear. And finally: Compressed to death! Without compromise. Do not expect drums to attract grandma!

The kits come with presets for Maschine 2 and Studio, Battery 3 and 4, Geist, Geist Lite and Ableton Drumrack for Live 8 upwards. You can drop the drums into any sampler as well. All sounds are royalty free.

Download a free pack containing 5 of the kits here and please spread the word:

Or grab the full pack containing 20 kits, presets and midi files for less than 6 bucks at:

Thank you!
Marco Scherer

Kostenlose FL Studio Workshops!

07.04.2015 Kostenlose FL Studio Workshops! Hier gibtís die ersten 6 Teile meiner Workshop Serie im Beat Magazin als PDF Downloads:
  • Vocal Recording
  • Mit FL Studio live on Stage
  • Remixen mit SliceX
  • Organische Power dank M/S
  • Monster-Drops mit Druck
  • Automation - Alles in Bewegung

Roland JD-Xi patches

Did a bunch of sounds for the new Roland JD-Xi synth which got overwhelming good attention these days. So yeah, here it is: My first soundpack for a hardware synth! And a surprisingly good one btw.

Datacult - Afro Samurai out on BMSS Records

Free Drumkits - something for the producers

04.01.2015 Free Drumkits - something for the producers As you never have enough drums I felt like starting 2015 with a freebie: 18 kits for Deephouse, Techno and Minimal, prepared for instant use in Maschine, Battery and Abletons Drumrack. All kits make use of the internal effects of each software, to give you maximum flexibility. And fun, of course!

The kits work with Maschine 1, 2 and Studio, Battery 3 and 4 and Ableton Live 8 upwards. You can load the drums into any sampler anyway. All drums are royalty free.

So what do you have to do for the kits? Nothing, just download. No emails are collected, no like buttons to be hit, nothing to be shared. Just grab the stuff. If you feel like sharing or donating, itís highly appreciated, though.

Download here

Marco Scherer aka Datacult at Gotec Club

Back from Gotec Club, where I already played 10 years ago and now met all the people that have been there that time. Felt like a real family reunion and it rocked sooo bad. Wonderful! A must for Progressive- and Psy-Lovers! Featuring ManMadeMan, Eat Static, Perfect Stranger, Kliment and the likes, plus some unreleased Datacult tunes to be released on BMSS soon!

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